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Get a tux credit card!

I just found out that you can get a Linux Foundation Credit Card, Unfortunately it’s for U.S citizens only, otherwise I’d sign up right now! If you’re going to rack up credit, why not do it in a way that … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab

Today the Wi-Fi only Samsung Galaxy Tab was tested at the FCC, Now that means a few things for me, Cheaper price, longer battery, and probably means I won’t be taking it out anywhere! I’m quite happy to get get … Continue reading

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Nexus 2? I dont think so!

So for a little while the Nexus 2 rumors have been floating around for quite a while, And that the nexus 2 will be an announcement at the up coming Samsung event, Earlier today a device got FCC Approval and … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

Im not sure what level it actually is, but it can be seen in the screen shot. The fun went all out the game by the time I got to that level, and now I have moved onto Milky milky.

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