Nexus 2? I dont think so!

So for a little while the Nexus 2 rumors have been floating around for quite a while, And that the nexus 2 will be an announcement at the up coming Samsung event, Earlier today a device got FCC Approval and also from the Wi-Fi Alliance the i-9010 which would make it part of thr Galaxay S family, Now I personally would like to think google would stick with HTC, Look at the G1 then there was the T-Mobile G2 (A rebranded¬†Hero) now the US have a T-mobile G2 sticking¬†with “Google” part of the phone, Nexus one? Now I don’t like the sounds of a Nexus 2 or a Samsung device, This may be Google trying to learn from there mistakes, Or purely to make a decent device, Look at Samsungs Super AMOLED screens, Guess we shall find out soon enough.

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