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Want to “double” your battery life?

SSo being on the go with a mobile device can be great for accessing any info you need, and sometimes your battery drains faster than you want it it, So a while ago I was on and found a … Continue reading

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Twitter 1.0.5 Review

As mentioned in my Facebook App Review I am a man of technology I like to stay connected and my phone allows me to do that. I used the official twitter app when it first came out, and two updates … Continue reading

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Android theme available for Gmail

In case you are not aware, There is now 5 new themes for Gmail, One of which is an Android theme, Go get it! On the subject of theme’s there is also an unofficial android theme for chrome available here … Continue reading

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Facebook 1.4 review

Now as a man of technology I like to stay connected with my phone, and when I use an app, I expect not to have to use the mobile version of there site because the app is poor in features, … Continue reading

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Fragmentation is on its way out! Bye cupcake!

Eclair is the most widely-used version of Android based on recent stats released by Google. In the past two weeks, 4 out of 10 phones that accessed the Android Market have been running Android 2.1 (Eclair). The next highest number … Continue reading

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