Ambarella iOne Processor

Have you ever heard of Ambarella? No, Neither had we untill now, They have made a processor that would compete with Samsung, TI and even Qualcomm. Sadly this chip, Named iOne will be going into android powered cameras and not phones; Although the boundries between cameras and phones are blurring more and more, You only have to look up the “altek leo” due out 2011.

The iOne is based on a triple ARM CPU architecture specifically developed for low-power mobile media applications. Dual-core 1-GHz ARM CortexTM A9 CPUs provide the horsepower to run Android applications while a third 533-MHz ARM-11 handles real-time camera tasks and enables camera boot time of under one second. The iOne’s unique architecture requires only a single x32 DRAM for extremely low power operation and low total system cost. A powerful 3D graphics engine supports HD GUI requirements and OpenGL ES 2.0.

Press Release

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