CyanogenMod's New Music Player "Apollo" Out now.

The latest application in the CyanogenMod arsenal “Apollo” was announced way back in October and found its name in January but after 7 months (Time flies!) Andrew Neal has bestowed upon us Apollo.

Apollo is very polished and clean although for the time being is Ice Cream Sandwich Only (Coming to 2.3 devices soon and to the market), It is theme-able lets you share what your listening to and links your to DSP Manager (Equalizer bundled with CyanogenMod)

  • I’ve added a “Recent” tab, that shows your recently added tracks and a “Genres” tab.
  • You can swipe through your library similar to the Google Play Music app.
  • I replaced the old expandable list in the “Artist” tab with a new grid list.
  • Your artist images and album art are fetched for you and added accordingly.
  • Swipe the bottom action bar to view a set of music controls
  • Long press the bottom action bar to view your queue in a special way
  • Touch an artist to view their albums and swipe over to view their tracks.

We highly recommend you give it a whirl and let us know your opinions on it and we’ll give you a proper review in a few days.



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