Samsung Galaxy S3. Things we hate. [Updated]

  • The colours. Blue isn’t actually blue and the “ceramic white” looks yellow next to a white GS2.
  • Button placement. I personally wish that the buttons where equal distance from the screen to the bottom of the phone. They are more towards the bottom and using the phone horizontally I find my fat hand pressing menu/back
  • Screenshot. Google added the perfectly acceptable and usable “Power + Volume Down” button combination, Samsung went and removed it completely and now require me to drag the side of my hand across the screen. What you trying to do Samsung clean my fingerprint marks off?! (Update) It turns out that you can do a screenshot with power + home which is better but still requires two hands.
  • Screen. It has this curve, It reminds me of the Nokia Lumia 800 and it feels very strange when moving across the app draw.
  • New MHL Cable required. Finally MHL Cables have fallen to a price that is affordable at around £8. Samsung must not have been happy with this fact and go mess with a standard for what, more money?
  • Samsung logo on the back. Bit of an odd one I  know I find that holding the phone my index finger is sitting on the “SAMSUNG” text on the back, Would be a non-issue apart from its raised. Hope its not made of nickel.
  • Software. Maybe this one we will leave for another day?
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