Google Now


Many of us were expecting to see Majel at Google’s I/O, even Google Assistant as it was rumoured to be called. We didn’t get either of those, what we did get though was something called ‘Google Now’ which is maybe what they decided to call it? Or maybe this is just a preview of what is to come and this is a basic version of the end result? If so I can’t even imagine what Google has in store for us next year!

Google Now takes your phone to a whole new level, helping you with everything and anything it can. To give just a few examples, it can track flights and let you know if there are any delays, let you know the best dishes at a restaurant and even let you know if there is traffic on your usual route to work and when best to leave as well as an alternative route to take.

You can ask it questions with voice, whether its who the president of Japan is or where the nearest sushi bar is to mention but another couple of demo’s we were shown. What Google is doing is trying to make our lives a little easier with that device we have in our pockets every day in life called a phone, helping you with things it knows you like or if you are somewhere you have never been letting you know the best places to eat or go.

What was shown of the software at Google I/O makes this look amazing, its smart, fast and most of all takes your phone and makes it into one of the best assistants you could ask for. We still have to test this for ourselves but it won’t be long until we can see what Google Now has to offer.

Most of us will welcome this with open arms, but for those worried about Google stealing your soul (I gave them mine already) a lot of the information it will be taking from you will all be opt-in, with location services, web history and access to calenders all needing enabled.


Google Now



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