100 Floors Game Review



All this Jelly Bean talk I thought I would change the subject, maybe something to pass the time until it’s released?

Recently I came across a game called 100 Floors which has taken up some of my spare time.

Each floor has an elevator door you need to open, some need to you use items while others you gotta swipe, shake all while figuring out the puzzle to get to the next floor.

Some of the floors get quite complicated and I’ve had to go back to it later on with fresh eyes, and some I’ve just tapped the screen hoping for the best. With over 5 million downloads most of you should find this to be quite an enjoyable game, the puzzles are also a good way to keep your brain active.

An example of one of the levels, you have a red arrow on the side of the elevator with the other missing. You can move the bin to the side, picking up the button to put it in place and then using it to open the door. Now this is at the start of the game and as you progress the puzzles do get harder.

At the time I’m writing this there are 70 floors available with more to come with regular updates. I’m looking forward to the future updates and new puzzles.

100 Floors is 27mb and free, so get downloading and let me know what you think of it yourself in the comments.

Download Now


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