LTE – Nexus 4 and why it is a non-issue.

The last few days Nexus 4 reviews have been doing their rounds and they mostly all have an issue with the lack of LTE in the Nexus 4. Now I am a huge fan of the latest and greatest tech but LTE? I couldn’t care less about and here is the reason!

Lets start with the UK LTE Network. Currently only available with Everything Everywhere (and those roaming on their network) on the 1,800 MHz band.

O2 and Vodafone will be launching LTE on the 800 MHz band.

The iPhone 5 has LTE, but won’t work on this frequency, Is it worth sticking LTE into a phone when you might not be able to use it on all networks? Personally I say no. I’m sure the next Nexus will have cover LTE next time round when it is a more mature network across the world and not just in the US.

What about network cost? Lets use the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Edition as an example.

The phone on an unlimited plan is £41 per month, Which bags you unlimited minutes  texts and 3G data with an upfront cost of £29 available on T-Mobiles Full Monty plan.

Now lets look and the only provider with LTE in the UK Currently.

The phone on an £41 per month plan will get you unlimited minutes and texts but only 1GB of 4G data and £49.99 upfront cost from Everything Everywhere.

Now this is a great deal but not all providers are created equal.

Lets looks at Orange, £46 per month will only net yourself 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of 3G data with an upfront cost of £29.99 for the phone.

Whilst again with Everything Everywhere £46 per month gets you unlimited minutes, texts and 3GB of 4G data with an upfront cost of £29.99.

That’s better I hear you say? Well yes it is but a 24 month contract for a 6 month old phone isn’t something I’m happy with. I pay as little as £12 a month for unlimited data which suits me perfectly and it’s not a contract either which is just an added bonus all round.

Would I like 4G? Absolutely. £56 for 8GB of data? Absolutely not.

Feel free to order a free simWe both get something out of it and it will arrive with you Nexus 4 provided you’re not doing next day delivery on your order.

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