Nexus 4 officially sold out.

Nice piece of kit that Nexus 4. Planning on ordering one today? WRONG. Sold


Many people have assumed that since the order page for the Nexus 4 has returned to the “Notify Me” state that the phone is probably out of stock, That assumption is correct after a quick work with Google they have confirmed it is sold out in all territories that is it currently live in.

America, Fingers on those buttons!

Sold out in Australia in under 20 minutes, The UK it took at least an hour for the order page to change. But suspected to have sold out in around 40 minutes from the information Google supplied.

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1 Response to Nexus 4 officially sold out.

  1. Oceanwaves says:

    Sold out in Germany in less than 15 minutes (16 GB version).

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