Tegra 4 Announced at NVIDIA Press Conference with a slew of new features and "Project Shield"

Tegra 4 was announced at NVIDIA’s press conference tonight two nights before the official start of CES. The Tegra 4 has 72 GPU cores, and 4 A15 CPU Cores, which are much faster than the A9 which was in Tegra 2 (2 Cores) and Tegra 3 (4 Cores). The power saving “5th core” is still in play here to ensure power sipping goodness. It also has 4G LTE built in, although it was not mentioned if it is integrated like it is on the Snapdragon. At the press conference, a demo of the Nexus 10 versus a Tegra 4 tablet, loading 25 web pages was shown on screen, however the actual hardware was not shown, but merely a video of the two tablets was played. Hopefully, we will see some hardware with Tegra 4 in the near future. It was also claimed that the Tegra 4 was faster than the A6X in the iPad 4

Also unveiled was the fact that HDR will be improved with Tegra 4 and “Nvidia computational photography engine” that can drastically improve the results of HDR as a result of taking 2 simultaneous pictures, taking .2 seconds vs 2 seconds on the iPhone 5, and Tegra 4 doing the image processing in the background. Also shown was HDR while video was running, an impressive feat that rendered HDR in real-time onstage. Processing is said to be done all on the chip so there is “No modification necessary, no porting necessary.”

Screenshot from 2013-01-06 23:15:18


Dead Trigger 2 was also shown off, and although it did look good, it is still behind console games and very far behind PC Games.

Tegra 4 also has technology based on the Icera i500 modem and they are sampling a 4g modem based on the technology that was acquired. Jen-Hsun Huang also mentioned Android as being the fastest growing operating system. It was also announced that it would be in “Project Shield” that is based on the Tegra 4 and has full Google Play support.

Image from androidcentral.


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