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HTC Incredible S

Today at World Mobile Congress HTC announced its line on new smart phones this included the HTC “Incredible S” The device features: 4″ ¬†Touchscreen 8 Megapixel Camera 1Ghz Processor 768 RAM 1.1GB ROM with MicroSD Card Slot. Apparently it is … Continue reading

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Samsung Captivate lands in the UK as Giorgio Armani Galaxy S

  Living in the UK and jealous of the looks of the Samsung Captivate over the standard Galaxy S? Now we can have one! Sadly, it is called the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S, but it appears to be a … Continue reading

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It's a Kind of Magic

It has been announced by Vodafone UK, that the HTC Magic will be updated to FroYo. This is a surprise (to say the least), since the handset is 20 months old. In the US, the phone is known as the … Continue reading

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LG Optimus One sell over 2 Million units

The Optimus One line from LG has sold over 2 Million units, Which is great news for android! LG announced that the Optimus line had sold over one million units in its first 40 days, and just 20 days later … Continue reading

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Fragmentation is on its way out! Bye cupcake!

Eclair is the most widely-used version of Android based on recent stats released by Google. In the past two weeks, 4 out of 10 phones that accessed the Android Market have been running Android 2.1 (Eclair). The next highest number … Continue reading

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