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Samsung unveils new 8-core mobile processor

Just as other chip manufacturers have done at CES, Samsung revealed their new Exynos 5, an 8-core mobile processor which keeps in mind ARM’s big.little reference design. It pairs four larger and more power hungry Cortex A15s with four smaller, … Continue reading

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Qualcomm announces new Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 800 chips

Just as Nvidia unveiled its new processor the Tegra 4, today Qualcomm followed suit and unveiled two new chips, the Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 800. Starting off with the 600, basically a S4 Pro which is in the Nexus 4 … Continue reading

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Nexus 4 Available in White from Carphone Warehouse [UPDATE]

The Nexus 4 is available in White from Carphone Warehouse. Yes, White! Mandatory blurry cam pic for your pleasure! So far everything that I have read about and seen never mentioned it coming in any other colours so this is … Continue reading

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LTE – Nexus 4 and why it is a non-issue.

The last few days Nexus 4 reviews have been doing their rounds and they mostly all have an issue with the lack of LTE in the Nexus 4. Now I am a huge fan of the latest and greatest tech but LTE? … Continue reading

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Cyanogen 7.2 leaves RC Stage, Brings 20 new devices with it.

This month CyanogenMod left its release canidate stage and became a fully fledged release. Marking the end of support for gingerbread on for certain hardware as the focus now turns to CyanogenMod 9

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Samsung Galaxy S3. Things we hate. [Updated]

The colours. Blue isn’t actually blue and the “ceramic white” looks yellow next to a white GS2. Button placement. I personally wish that the buttons where equal distance from the screen to the bottom of the phone. They are more towards the bottom … Continue reading

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Archos release 10" ICS Tablet at £150.

Archos has released a nice new 7″ and 10″ tablet running Android 4.0 for a grand total of £110 and £150. The horribly named Archos Arnova 7d G3 tablet has similar specs to the recently updated to ICS AndyPad.

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Glasgow Android Meetup 2012

We would just like to remind you about the Glasgow Android meetup happening on 25th May between 3pm – 8pm in Glasgow City Centre We will be attending and looking forward to meeting some more Android enthusiasts. There are some … Continue reading

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HTC One S Vs. Galaxy S II in pictures.

We have a quick comparison of the HTC One S Vs. Sasmsung Galaxy S II. HTC One S on the left.                             GS2 on the right.   Our opinion? … Continue reading

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Xperia Handsets getting ICS

If you purchased an Xperia S or Arc S recently you will know these devices came with Gingerbread sadly, But will be happy to know they are getting ICS, However Sony mobiles has decided that some of the older devices may not … Continue reading

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