Samsung unveils new 8-core mobile processor


Just as other chip manufacturers have done at CES, Samsung revealed their new Exynos 5, an 8-core mobile processor which keeps in mind ARM’s big.little reference design. It pairs four larger and more power hungry Cortex A15s with four smaller, energy efficient Cortex A7s. This should allow an increase of up to 70% according to ARM, which will help as devices screens are becoming larger and larger, and more demanding applications and games are being developed. Exynos 5 should allow for substantially more powerful devices, even more so than the already powerful the Nexus 10 which has a processor with a dual-core A15 implementation. The Exynos 5 is also being built on a 28nm process as compared to the 32nm process for the Exynos 5 Dual and the Exynos 4 which should also add to the power saving ability of this chip.

big.LITTLE Processing Image

Sources: ARM, Android Central, The Verge, AnandTech

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